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Fondation Aide Populaire d'Urgence
Reconnue d'utilité publique
20 bd Emmanuel Servais L2535 - Luxembourg

Fondation reconnue d'utilité publique
20 bd Emmanuel Servais L2535 - Luxembourg

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ur Foundation is a nonprofit organization and has been registered since 1996 in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg. We fund small projects (average range of 5,000-7,000 Euros) in all continents except Europe. These projects, proposed by local communities, usually associative, - are seed funds to initiate income generating activities or to address basic needs. Social, geographic and climatic circumstances may have prevented these beneficiary groups, usually living in rural areas, from receiving any aid including financial. They are forgotten groups of our life time. Yet, our organization got known thanks to the considerable progress in information technologies including the availability of internet services in remote areas.

Our monitoring expertise especially in supporting small scale projects is a comparative advantage and has proven to be effective.

Beneficiaries were able to stay in their villages, regions and countries. They acquired the additional skills they were looking for and became aware of a solidarity mechanism in which other human beings, living in other parts of the world, would support them with to build their lives and a better future.

The aid demand keeps on rising. Our Foundation is looking for other sources of funds and contributions that will enable dynamic and entrepreneur women and men to create income generating projects allowing their children to access education and health services.

Would you want to be one of these contributors?

Due to the fact that our organization is officially registered in Europe as a philanthropic foundation, you will able to receive, if necessary, contribution receipts as part of the fiscal legislation of European countries. It also allows you to access our annual reports for the past fifteen years at Mémorial the Official Journal of Luxembourg.

We remain at your disposal for any further queries.

    Henriette Steinberg
  Reginald Van Leer

Since fifteen years, we have contributed to the independence and income generation activities:
of cooperative Maya women in the state of Campeche in Mexico through supporting their projects to produce honey, cosmetics, orchids and vegetables;


of cooperative refugee women in Cameroun through the establishment of micro restaurants, the production of soap, the production of clothes, literacy and the establishment of internet cafes;


of cooperatives in Vietnam, in the Philippines and in Haiti through supporting their projects of breeding of goats, pigs and cows as well as the production of tableware in the Philippines.


We have funded surgical equipment, and essential equipment for dentistry in South Lebanon, in Iraq, in Jerusalem and in South Africa.


We have funded the construction of sanitary services to eliminate the spread of Cholera in Mexico and the Philippines.


We have funded the procurement of seeds, tillage equipment and mules in Morocco and in Haiti.


We have funded scholarships for children and youngsters, who were mainly living in the streets, to access knowledge and information in Morocco, the Philippines, Brazil, Senegal, Cameroun and Arizona (with The Navajo People).


We have supported a young physician in Benin to complete his research on necessary materials to use in creating a dryer prototype that uses double energy; petrol and solar energy, which could dry the harvest before the rain falls again.